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Walmart Deli: Large Meat & Cheese Tray: $38.00: You May Also like . Walmart Party Tray Prices. Besides, there are other options such as made-to-order dishes which are even more flexible in matching any budget. The medium-sized tray, for example, serves fifteen to eighteen guests; while the large-sized tray … In Walmart Deli meat trays, you will get two different sizes to suit the size of the party you have gathered. Walmart became a public traded company, and sold stocks at $16.50 per share. Slider Trays… Walmart Sandwich Tray … Walmart Catering Menu Meat Trays. Walmart is the world leader in retail now operating in 28 countries, serving more than 240 million customers annually in their … By 1972, Walmart was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Walmart Marketside Sliders Tray comes with variety of deli meats and cheeses served on slider rolls.. Small (Serves 6-8) Price $14; Medium (Serves ) Price $26; Large (Serves ) Price $34 . In the 1980s, Walmart continued in its road to success. Prima Della Meat & Cheese Tray Large 18″ $48.00: Cheese Tray Medium 16″ $34.00: Cheese Tray Large 18″ $48.00: Meat Tray Medium 16″ $34.00: Meat Tray Large 18″ $48.00: Mix & Match Sandwich Rolls Large: $8.99: Condiment Tray Small 12″ $18.00: Condiment Tray Medium 16″ $26.00: Shrimp Cocktail Tray … The first Walmart … Walmart deli menu includes the following options: finger food, cheese trays, sandwiches. Walmart deli trays prices. Walmart Deli: Large Meat & Cheese Tray: $38.00: Walmart Deli | Walmart Bakery. With 51 stores, Walmart was earning a record sale of $78 million.

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