assassins creed 3 save game sequence

Installation: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\savegames\akf2f086-852t-4793-93fe-3a416c3684ae\103 Download save Powered by. Here i’m only attaching saves for Sequence 4 to 8. should i rename ? 7,002. I need sequence 3 so badly, please upload. chootiyaa kyu bna rakha hai jb download li h, bhai jab link hi nhi download krney ka to download kaise kren pta nhi kya mazaq hai hmareh sath, bhenchod teri bhen di lun salyaa ki fuddu bnon lga fuddu tu tera pyoo teri maa teri bhen tera khandan, All save files, created after each mission, during regular game play (no cheats were used). Man can i contact you personally. Download desired Assassin's Creed Syndicate save file to your desktop. Download 10 Best Free Stealth Games for Windows 10 in 2020, New Threat for Android Users: Your Data and Credentials Are In Danger, Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered CODEX Save Game Download, An Easy-To-Understand Guide to Playing Poker, Simple Steps You Can Do To Finally Beat Insomnia, How to Determine Whether You Qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, How to Speed Up the Approval Process of Your Mortgage Application, Ultimate Guide to Start Eco-Friendly Living, 10 Terrific Tactics for Awesome Home Security, Digital Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid, Significance of Having Men’s T-shirts in Your Closet, Why You Should Have Your House Cleaned by Professionals. no save files??help??pliz?? so what sequence should i get then? You have entered an incorrect email address! mechanics version, Go to folder options and first click on show hidden itemsThen C: Users/Name/Appdata/roaming/theta/54/, Finally i founded after long time the location FOR R G MECHANICS IS :C/PROGRAMDATA/ORBIT/54i tried and delete new save game and it's work on this upper location ^^, Do anyone got 100% of everything without DLC, Hey I really need a Sequence 3 savegame mine is unusable and I dont want to start the game from the beginning again. Edit. Start the game and load the first save … If you have an iXX core processor, you will likely run into this issue that causes the game to continuously crash at the same point of this memory fight. mechanics version - tried downloading and extracting sequence 6 into the 54 folder, it keeps saying save game is damaged?am i doing something wrong? Please, tell me what and how, otherwise I'm confused. If you are playing and stuck somewhere during the game, dont worry, just download the save games from the below download button, backup your original save files and load the game with this saves. I was playing this game and completed this 29% after assassinating John Pitcarn. Audio peripheral maker Creative has steadily made its way into the gaming market with products that have offered impressive performance. Savegame for Assassin’s Creed 3 The game passed by 40%! HY I NEED HELP HOW DO I MAKE THE SAVES TO WORK CUZ I TRIED TO COPY PASTE THE SAVE BUT WONT WORK:|PLSSSS HELP urgent, theta...- have the r.g. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Sultan is a Blogger from Mumbai since 2006. He is with TechDiscussion since 2011 and serving users with Tech Information and gaming helps around the globe. Enter save folder, remove everything from there and paste copied files. . Assassin's Creed 2; Far Cry 3; Dying Light; List of Games; Torchlight; Shell Folders; Portal 2; Game. 2. Marketing themselves as the best GoPro alternative, AKASO's Keychain is the world's smallest 4K camera. Copy these files into game directory..... ? 2. Is this for Reloaded version of the game? Upload Sequence 2 & 3 please, i had completed 2..after that saved game got corrupted.. the missions on the seq you uploaded are 100% ? Same save works fine on another pc. could youbupload your CODEX.ini? He is Enthusiast in IT, Blogging, Software & Hardware troubleshooting, Developer, etc. If you need the complete save files, then you can download it from here. Hey..i downloaded the sequence 6..and extracted the file in the folder whats next??? Lucky that I found your blog. Oh no, I opened a VC game on the latest Luma (10.2) and now the 3DS system won't start. HI, does this work with the Reloaded Patch 1.05 and Crack? can a i download just sequence 6 but didn´t even play the game? Download desired Assassin's Creed Unity save file to your desktop. Instructions on using save files for Assassin's Creed Unity: 1. - have the r.g. Feathers and trees is the name of the first task in the fourth sequence of Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered. The company’s latest product, the SXFI GAMER headset, is,... Ubisoft and Capcom Hacked, Watch Dogs Leak, Switch Sales, Xbox SSD Controversy & More -, Total: 5,830 (members: 325, guests: 4,337, robots: 1,168), Similar threads with keywords - Assassins, Sequence, Creed, (You must log in or sign up to post here. Thanks alot! even 8 or 9 is fine cheers :), Yaaaaar brother!I need file of sequence 8 but its not installing from here.When I click sequence 8 then adds comes in front of me and smiling adds take this to so far away, Bro you have to wait until 4 adfly ads will show u allow or block you will have block ads 4 time and u will be directed to mediafire. Assassin’s Creed 3 2012 download best savegame files with 100% completed progress for PC and place data in save games location folder u r awsm. My save files got deleted and I had almost spent 25 hours playing it. like ive tried downloading from other sites and its the same thing i tried re-installing the game but it still says that its damaged when i go into the game, cant say it will work with real copy of game....but heard that many of people solved this problem by reinstalling game.....savegames are same, Need sequence 10 Please, my save game got damaged. 1 - Sequence 1 - Memory 1 - The Way The Wind BlowsDownloaded 62 times 2 - Sequence 1 - Memory 2 - Lessons and RevelationsDownloaded 81 times 3 - Sequence 1 - Memory 3 - Tinker Sailor Soldier SpyDownloaded 91 times 4 - Sequence 1 - Memory 4 - By Invitation OnlyDownloaded 97 times 5 - Sequence 2 - Memory 1 - One Little VictoryDownloaded 97 times 6 - Sequence 2 - Memory 2 - We The PeopleDownloaded 114 times 7 - Sequence 2 - Memory 3 - Fiat LuxDownloaded 67 times 8 - Sequence 2 - Memory 4 - Kyrie EleisonDownloaded 59 times 9 - Sequence 2 - Memory 5 - FreewillDownloaded 95 times 10 - Sequence 3 - Memory 1 - The Colour of RightDownloaded 189 time s11 - Sequence 3 - Memory 2 - A Long Walk and A Short Drop Downloaded 89 times 12 - Sequence 3 - Memory 3 - CircumstancesDownloaded 89 times 13 - Sequence 3 - Memory 4 - Keep Your Friends CloseDownloaded 101 times 14 - Sequence 4 - Memory 1 - Honour and LoyaltyDownloaded 9…. This is the real fun to play, no matter you have already played it seven years ago. i couldn’t see the saves file in the game. Plz let me know if some seq is deleted... need save for sequence 9 save got damaged, Still need sequence 10, Though thank you very much for your effort andFYI to all, sequence 8 works fine for me.Will wait for 10. still needing seq 9, but i guess seq 8 will work fine.

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