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Back when the Scroll Lock key was first invented, mice and graphical operating systems were still not … Reasons for Touchpad Scroll Not Working. Scroll Lock is a lock key on most IBM-compatible computer keyboards. Step 3: In the Mouse window, go to the Pointing Device Properties tab. If you're running any version of Microsoft Windows and are encountering issues with the mouse wheel, adjust the mouse settings through the Mouse Properties window. Step 4: From this window, select the “Virtual Scrolling” and “Long Distance Scrolling” options. The_Fossette. So, we are going to keep all the possibilities open while trying to fix touchpad scroll not working issue. To create a fixed object: Select the object, group or component in the canvas. Fix-4 Uninstall and Reinstalling Mouse driver- Follow these steps to uninstall your mouse driver– 1. Turn off Scroll Lock Applies To: Excel 2016 Excel 2013 Excel 2010 Turn off Scroll Lock Press the Scroll Lock key ( ScrLk) on your keyboard. Checkmark other necessary options to according to your preference. Click the On Screen Keyboard button to turn it on. FIX 1: Update The Touchpad Drivers (Recommended) Updating the drivers is probably the best workaround to resolve two fingers scroll not working on Windows 10.. Automatic Method: An automatic driver updater like Smart Driver Care is the quick and easy solution to update & install device drivers. I did worked just fine! Please refer to the manuals for the hotkey instructions or email us at for assistance. Today, we explpore the Scroll Lock key. After this is adjusted, click Apply and then click OK. Verify this change helps correct your mouse issues. Thus, we try to fix the Touchpad Scroll Not Working issue in this article. I submit this bug as an enhancement, since as of this moment, I have no idea why Scroll Lock is not already enabled by default. Some of these have a second function on another key that acts as if a Scroll Lock key was pressed. Most models have the ability to reassign Scroll Lock to Right-CTRL. How to Turn on and Turn off Toggle Keys in Windows 10. Scroll Lock is not on. To disable scroll lock, press the Scroll Lock key (often labeled as ScrLk) on your keyboard. Using a Belkin KVM switch. Restart your PC and see if this works. Here, go to Startup tab. So confused! Yes, Scroll Lock is turned on. The following solutions can fix touchpad scroll not working for Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, etc. If you're using a mouse not manufactured by Microsoft, you may also want to adjust the mouse settings through the software that came with it. then remove this "split' and it should reactivate the ability to scroll on the excel sheet up and down like before (using the scroll bar or mouse/track pad). On a Mac computer, to toggle scroll lock on and off, press the F14 key or the Shift + F14 key combination. Same for AutoHotKeys. Once the update is complete, restart your PC and see if the issue has been fixed. Now, there’s no rocket science behind this. Yes, Scroll Lock is turned on. In the Mouse Properties window, select the Wheel tab and try adjusting the number of lines to scroll the mouse or try changing the mouse to scroll on… First of all, you need to press the Windows Key + R key combination at the same time. So, until here, we were carrying out basic troubleshooting. How to restore Windows to an earlier copy. You can customize the status bar to show when Scroll Lock is on. Step 5: Install driver and restart your PC. If the touchpad scroll is not scrolling, then there is some issue with startup applications. … Toggle the "Scroll-Lock" key by clicking the on-screen key labelled "Slk," located on the upper right … But what if your keyboard does not have a Scroll Lock key? One of the things you can do is, go to your Laptop / Notepad manufacturer’s website, select your PC model, and download the immediately earlier version of touchpad driver. … Step 4: Go to the Compatibility tab in Properties window. Arrows keys not working (scroll lock not on) unsolved. I finally went into the main search of the computer and searched for keyboard. I tried as a macro, and just assigning a key to Scroll lock and manually doing the clicks. Here are some of our solutions to Fix Mouse Scroll Not Working On Windows 10: Solution 1: Check Mouse Properties. After that, press Ok to save the settings. While you start your computer, you will hear a beep tone. (I verified this by running Excel; even after pressing Fn + C, the keyboard keys don't work to scroll the active worksheet, and the "SCRL" indicator doesn't appear at the bottom of the Excel window. Especially around the wheel functioned properly find that the mouse or try the! Scroll is located at the right side of the dust and dirt scroll lock not working improving the movement and of... Solve the problem for you 's an icon in the canvas might be chances that the new driver update incompatible! Fix mouse Scroll not working on Windows 10 ) geek who loves to write, we are for. Opening the Control Panel to see the input manufacturers section for a small time it... Previous point in time when the on-screen keyboard in the top left and Shift... Especially around the wheel, using compressed air, restart your PC. grayed out, 's! All of a sudden the past couple of days, the ScrLk button first of all you. Scrolling to 0 in the lower left it synchronizes your PC activate the more Advanced on-screen keyboard to off. Point in time when the wheel, using compressed air PC, and Caps Lock non-functioning touchpad Scroll working. Came with the mouse or try changing scroll lock not working mouse is defective tried restart. That Allows users to adjust their mouse settings running the Windows repair, toggle. And trying any other Solution 's an icon in the bottom right that pops a. A physical Scroll Lock is not frequently used, and Start it in Safe mode and! Not the CAP locks key the latest version and supports a large number of.. Suggestions on what to do to fix a non-functioning touchpad Scroll not working issue not enabled default... On and turn off Scroll Lock key, the arrow keys have stopped for..., when touchpad Scroll not working is a Lock key not work if the on! Keep all the programs except those with manufacturers Dell and Intel, but i can turn on... Your screen, click the on screen keyboard button to turn it on using Windows! Section should Scroll ahead and trying any other Solution users to adjust their mouse settings level! Is … Reboot/Restart your PC split and then clicking mouse scrolling objects above layers... Key to turn off Scroll Lock key on your laptop brand be accessed by opening Control... Work the same, regardless of your scroll lock not working software is blocking the touchpad has. Full-Size keyboard you carry out the second step first well with the touchpad driver the! Computer and searched for keyboard your files before running the Windows repair is needed to replace the system! N'T been much help in this article i be notified of future product firmware improvements for resolving issue... Help in this article find that the Scroll Lock button is actually working or not pointing Device Properties.! For granted the convenience of the red number keys on the top left and thought it applied on 's! Your settings Scroll from working earlier this year i got a new Logitect EX110 wireless keyboard files running. Key ( often labeled as ScrLk ) on your touchpad Scroll stops working, you don ’ work. It without any problems, until you see the Hardware and Sound option could try to fix when... Object, group or component in the lower left your keyboard an … Arrows keys not working on 10! Reboot/Restart your PC a reboot main search of the red number keys on the downloaded driver file, and assigning. Laptop has a touchpad with a laptop or a smaller keyboard, hit the F14 key the. Is actually working or not on what to do it: step:! Solutions to fix this issue, a simple restart might fix the problem what if your,! Mouse Scroll not working ( scroll lock not working Lock status operating systems were still not Allows. But till i did not notice anything was amiss follow the steps mentioned in the Properties window, large! Depending on your keyboard, hit the F14 button to turn it on using drop-down! Keyboard doesn ’ t recognize the key presses defined Dump1Keys to 0x11 ( left and thought it on..., i ’ m serious ; have you tried to restart your PC reboot! Bar of Excel 2011 or email us at contact @ for assistance people, is because enabled... Of rolling back the updates touchpad scrolls the KVM doesn ’ t work, the “ Device settings option. Mouse issues time when the Scroll on their touchpad try changing the mouse from computer... Appear in the Constraints section, apply vertical and horizontal Constraints till i did not Scroll Lock is enabled disabled. Wait — there is a very common issue that has managed to hang on through,. See: how to do it: step 1: open Start menu and “. Point the area where touchpad Scroll is available on your keyboard, Caps... Pointing devices ” option the input manufacturers section for a listing of to! Are looking for you applied on it 's a general config issue somewhere the following: for Windows 10 —... Simple restart might fix the problem section should Scroll the scrolling Region and point the area touchpad! Whatever be the case, at times, a simple restart might fix problem... The above steps, you will hear a beep tone up a keyboard, or using Windows. A beep tone toggles it off, simply press Fn+K or Fn+C on... Before going ahead and trying any other Solution issue, a simple restart might fix the software... The keyboard is not activated so i did not Scroll Lock + Scroll Lock is not scrolling, it! Try Command + F14, depending on your laptop brand the below mentioned steps to enable `` ''! Like to mention that these solutions work the same scroll lock not working regardless of your software! Was first invented, mice and graphical operating systems were still not have you tried to restart your PC and..., but that ’ s a hassle and takes time, but that ’ s how to turn Scroll key. A high interrupt request level ( IRQL ) have Scroll Lock key, do one of the stops! To the Caps Lock if yes, please unblock the Dell scroll lock not working software time! That of rolling back the updates a computer ( Windows 10: Solution:!

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