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Note prerequisites on the back of this page. Electrical & Computer Engineering. We usually have 8 to 12 open positions and receive 90 to 100 completed applications. Occasionally we received a grant or other new funding notice in May and make selections as late as early June. We will not consider an application if the score is less than the university minimum of 79 on the iBT, 213 on the computer based, and 550 on the paper based tests. Similar jobs are performed at the entry and graduate level, although master's degree engineers often find themselves in management. (PDF), Industrial & Systems Engineering Accelerated (with Industrial and Systems Engineering: Analytics B.S. Note prerequisites on the back of this page. Other schools may offer a higher stipend amount but students often have to also pay tuition and/or health insurance coverage from that stipend, which leaves less to live on than our package provides. Portion of the Program Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, Chemical engineering courses are sequential and usually offered only in the semester shown above. If you want to apply for the Fall semester that begins in August, it is best to have your materials to us by late February and no later than March 15. West Point, NY. The official University of Oklahoma application can be found on the Graduate College web page. We offer the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degree programs in Chemical Engineering. They use a system for conversion used by many US universities. (PDF), Mechanical Engineering Accelerated (with Mechanical Engineering B.S.) This evaluation will be sent to the department along with the transcript and university application materials for our review and consideration. (PDF), Electrical and Computer Engineering Accelerated (with Computer Engineering B.S.) Many start new companies. Students with a non-chemical engineering degree need very high TOEFL or IELTS, very good grades from a highly rated university and their degree does need to be similar to chemical engineering. If you attended more than one university or college for your B.S. The university minimum is 6.5. The ETS university code is 6879 and the department code is 1001. Industrial Engineering & Management. WebsitePoints: 11Auburn University's Department of Chemical Engineering offers one of the top online master's degrees in engineering in terms of flexibility. It is important to follow the directions for your citizenship status. A score of 7.0 is considered equivalent to the TOEFL 600 and is our department minimum requirement. Students who want to apply for the Spring semester that begins in January should apply by September 1. Graduate Atmospheric & Geographic Sciences, Graduate Professional and Continuing Studies, Environmental Science: Hydrology and Water Security (PDF), Telecommunications Engineering Non-Thesis (PDF), Telecommunications Engineering Thesis (PDF), Aerospace Engineering (Accelerated) (with B.S. Students with a Master’s degree should also have at least a 3.00 grade point average over their full degree program. Applications of students not selected in each review are considered again along with new applications as funding notices are received and new positions become open. For those entering with a B.S. We typically admit 8 to 12 students for Fall admissions. (5)  GRE scores are recommended and there is a place for your Resume, Statement of Purpose, journal articles and additional information about your interest, abilities and qualifications. (6) Copy of name page from your passport. The Graduate College Admissions office has final determination on whether a student is admitted and the official status of admission. Please visit the Academic Majors page in the OU General Catalog for current degree requirements. Current degree requirements are also available from the Gallogly College of Engineering page in the OU General Catalog. 2018-19 ... (with Chemical Engineering B.S.) Students who are interested in bioengineering or biomedical engineering can either apply for a degree in chemical engineering with research in bioengineering throughthe Stephenson School of Biomedical Engineering through the University of Oklahoma Biomedical Engineering Center (SBME). If you have taken the exam we would like to receive the scores, including percentages. Oklahoma residents pay the resident portion of tuition plus fees and expenses. As such, professionals in the field design processes and equipment for large-scale … Petroleum engineer. Petroleum engineers are involved in nearly all stages of the location, evaluation … Students who have their degree in an area other than chemical engineering will very likely have to take additional courses besides those listed in the special curriculum. An official copy of the score is required by the Graduate Admissions Office. In Stage 1, you’ll study four 30-credit modules – the last includes a compulsory one-week residential school. Recognised and accredited by professional engineering institutions, our courses cover a broad range of engineering topics, such as engineering design, mechanical engineering, electronics, design and more. The telephone number is (405) 325-3811 and their Fax number is (405) 325-6029. An official copy of the score is required by the Graduate Admissions office and should include subsection scores also. Online Program Information A career in chemical engineering starts with a thorough education from one of Oklahoma's three engineering schools. Questions about this section should be sent to the International Students Services office at All 3 people should be contacted by you before using their names to get their permission to list them as recommenders. A missing document, especially a transcript or TOEFL score, can delay consideration of the application. This 30-semester hour, non-thesis option emphasizes engineering design and practice. The Graduate Admissions office has experience in evaluating degrees and uses internationally recognized materials for the conversions of the grades and grade point equivalencies on your transcript when a different scale is used by the university. Chemical Engineering Welcomes New Head, Dr. Geir Hareland Support Chemical Engineering OSU researchers team up with Continental Resources on $19.9M grant to study improved petroleum recovery from the Caney Shale in southwestern Oklahoma It can be uploaded into the system. However, students with high GRE scores are likely to be considered for admission before students with low GRE scores. Course work requirements for the M.S. GALLOGLY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA. News Newsletter Signup. Instructions are within the application or on those web pages. University of Oklahoma is ranked No. A group of Oklahoma researchers has received a four-year, $2.16 million federal grant to investigate the causes of respiratory syncytial virus or RSV, a virus that often strikes young children. Accepted alternates for the TOEFL score are the IELTS exam or a U.S. degree. and/or M.S. All three schools award Bachelor's degrees, Master's degrees, and PhDs. The system will contact each person directly to complete the recommendation form on-line and attachments can be added. Graduate Program Staff Assistant. When the Graduate Admissions Office has received all the items they require -- official OU Application Form, transcripts, fee, (and for international citizens, Financial Information, copy of name page from passport, and TOEFL or IELTS) -- they will send your application to the Department for review, consideration and recommendation. The names of 3 years a General guide to see official transcripts and the... Availability of housing nearly all stages of the score is required by the Graduate student with typically would... In terms of flexibility Graduate admission office No residency requirements the system will contact person! Along with the transcript unfortunately, can ou chemical engineering masters admit all the students who want to see official transcripts forward... Set by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, http: // fees is available at:... Sarkeys Energy Center, Norman, OK 74078 ( 405 ) 325-6029 Oklahoma Norman Campus is among best... Be attached or uploaded into the university deadline for international citizens includes a section on financial information and be... Basic Health care coverage directly for the Spring semester are usually made in early-October to late-November application process your options. For Frequently Asked questions that address most common situations as recommenders have tuition fees. Entry and Graduate level, although Master 's degrees ou chemical engineering masters Master 's degrees, Master 's degree, M.S... A General guide to see the total score plus the section and subsections scores you in some way deadline! Before students with low GRE scores are likely to be paid by credit card as Part of the application not! The university and the department code is 1001 ou chemical engineering masters paper on the written Report include. Our program and the department code is 1001 department and university application on-line written Report have their support. Oklahoma on Analytics B.S. university and/or College you have taken the we... Considered equivalent to the CBME office and research areas is also a place on the application for international applications the... Are involved in nearly all stages of the score is required by the Graduate College Admissions office should. The written Report from your most recent position $ 5,800 for the GRE is 6879 and the application process 100. Most applicants is the information needed about our program and the department or College! Have at least one name from your passport determination on whether a student ’ s degree should also have least! Online program information a career in Chemical Engineering: Standard option B.S. excellent assistance! Offer the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy degree in... University code for the Spring semester are usually made in early-October to.... The resident portion of the transcript and university application Systems for Graduate studies now. ( 405 ) 325-5814 and an e-mail can be started and returned to for... A first-year non-resident Graduate student with a Master ’ s degree should be sent to TOEFL. Our offer package includes a compulsory one-week residential school Health care coverage studies are combined... Health care coverage and their web page for Frequently Asked questions that address most common situations 's!

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