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For complete details ask for catalog 12-026, Amphenol ®/Matrix® MS/Stan-dard Cylindrical MIL-C-5015 Connectors with Crimp Rear Step 4 Assemble as shown. Amphenol AMPHE-EX Assembly Instructions L-2124 Document Contents: Familiarization & Assembly Contact Preparation and Installation Connector Assembly Part Number Code Logic For additional information, consult Amphenol AMPHE-EX Catalog, 12-056 Amphenol Corporation, Sidney, NY, USA Printed in U.S.A. 01/10 Revision C Amphenol Industrial AMPHE-EX Page 2 of 13 Description of … Click on the product corresponding to your selection(s) … An extremely versatileconnector family, the 97 Series offers six shell options, 128 different contact arrangements, 1 to 52 circuits, one of the largest selections of insert patterns on the connector market, and crimp, solder, thermocouple and PCB (100 suffix) contacts. Assembly Instructions-C10 Amphenol® Twinaxial/Insulated 282 Amphenol Corporation Tel: 800-627-7100 Step 1 Remove clamp nut, braid clamp, sleeve and cable restraint if supplied. Search for Amphenol products by Amphenol market or product application by filtering the dropdown below. Now, also offered within the broad family of Amphenol inter-connection products is the Amphenol®/Matrix® MIL-C-5015 connector series which incorporates rear release crimp con-tacts. • Amphenol Industrial Connector Brochure, SL-381, for an overview of the industrial family of connectors. See page 71 for further description. Step 3 Solder contacts. • Amphenol Catalog SL-100, which provides an overview of all prod-ucts, military and industrial, offered through Amphenol Aerospace. Step 2 Prepare cable, see dimensions. Amphenol's 97 Series is the lowest cost cylindrical interconnect solution in the proven 5015 family connector style.

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