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Many of the symptoms of intersex conditions are physical, such as ambiguous genitalia or a mismatch between the sexual identity of the internal and external genitals. True hermaphrodites are rare and have both ovarian and testicular tissue and exhibit anomalies of the external genitalia. a) 46 XX Intersex. Intersex Types – Not Quite a Boy or a Girl. The chromosomal makeup is variable and may be a chimera, mosaic, or unknown. Intersex conditions occur when a child's internal and external reproductive organs develop abnormally. Intersex people differ from transgender people who may change their sexual anatomy through surgery, hormones or other treatment. Intersex conditions have been described in several domestic animal species. Intersex can be classified into four categories the details of which are discussed below. Some examples of transgender people are reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner, actress Laverne Cox of "Orange Is the New Black" fame, actor Marquise Vilson of "Disclosure", and model Indya Moore who also stars on "Pose". Some intersex organizations reference "intersex people" and "intersex variations or traits" while others use more medicalized language such as "people with intersex conditions", or people "with intersex conditions or DSDs (differences of sex development)" and "children born with variations of sex anatomy". Intersex is a general term used for a variety of conditions in which a person is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t seem to fit the typical definitions of female or male. For example, a person might be born appearing to be female on the outside, but having mostly male-typical anatomy on the inside.

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