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The Law Faculty's curriculum offers the basic and required courses necessary to become a fully qualified lawyer. At SUNY Potsdam, there is nothing more important than family. SUNY Potsdam parents. Rocchio has responded—using technology to bridge the physical chasm between her and her students. We count ourselves thankful for the strength of our ties and the value of each other's company. After receiving degrees in biology, business administration, and instructional technology and media from SUNY Potsdam, he went on to an impressive career at IBM. Five of the university's eight focus areas are part of the Faculty of Science: Earth Sciences, Functional Soft Matter, Functional Ecology and Evolution, Complex Systems, and Plant Genomics/Systems Biology. Currently, there are more than 40 joint professorships with these institutions. For example. The University is placing particular emphasis by establishing four university research focuses. Jewish studies in Israel, sports management in Australia, language and politics in Moscow, or an excursion to Montana to visit the geographical center of the earth – the choice among about 300 partnerships is great. In recent years, the University of Potsdam's Philosophical Faculty has redefined itself in the spirit of cross-disciplinary cultural studies. Willingness to participate in the respective foundation's programme is also important to some foundations. ), Die Universität Potsdam: Geschichte – Bauten – Umgebung, Berlin, 2001, This page was last edited on 20 November 2020, at 13:37. The accomplished fashion designer and savvy entrepreneur. Being today the largest university in the state of Brandenburg, the University of Potsdam mainly stretches across three campuses on the city's outskirts:[4]. The Faculty of Human Sciences mediates between theory and real life in a variety of ways. The Institute for Local Government Studies (KWI) conducts collaborative research with the Law Faculty in examining issues faced by municipalities in the new Länder and offers continuing education to its elected officials. Archaeology students Adam Jacobs ’20 and Mindy Thompson ’20 are determined to spread the historical and archaeological truths of their Akwesasne Mohawk heritage through SUNY Potsdam’s 2+2 Archaeological Studies Program where students complete their first two years at St. Lawrence College, and their involvement in Potsdam begins with a single archaeology class each semester to limit the amount of commuting necessary. Emily Morse ’21 is primed for success in the computer science industry because of the many SUNY Potsdam alumni who dedicate time and resources to the computer science department. Since 2014, McKinnie has worked behind the scenes at Crane to ensure that hundreds of performances are professionally recorded—leaning on two decades of experience as the chief engineer of live sound at Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. With a tank of air on her back and fins on her feet. Taking the World by Storm. Following a multi-theoretical approach, researchers are investigating the interactive relationship between politics, economy, and institutions at different levels and in different fields of activity. The graduate colleges, graduate schools, and externally funded projects under the auspices of the Philosophical Faculty offer young scholars the opportunity for interdisciplinary and international cooperation. SUNY Potsdam’s exercise science program has been a treadmill to success for Lucas Rucci ’20 and Wilber Parada ’20. Since he started at SUNY Potsdam in the fall of 2019, Clifton Harcum has been supporting diversity initiatives on campus, and creating unique opportunities for students to get out of their comfort zone and have an engaging college experience. Dr. Nasser Malit has volunteered his time with the New York State Police Forensic Investigation Unit since 2011. Malit’s early research prepared him for this work, taking him deep into the Great Rift Valley in Kenya where he excavated a 7,000-year-old human skeleton in partnership with the famed paleoanthropologists in the Leakey family. This also includes unusual sports like historical sword fighting. The accomplished fashion designer and savvy entrepreneur Saad Hajidin ’88 has turned his company InPhorm into an ally in the fight against COVID-19—shifting his focus from manufacturing women’s activewear to producing protective face masks. The Institutes of Sports Science and Sports Medicine as well as the Institute for Mathematics can be found on the Campus Am Neuen Palais. The current Faculty of Law is located in Babelsberg/Griebnitzsee in the former presidial and administrative buildings of the German Red Cross (1939/40). The Crane School of Music student broadened her horizons when she took the plunge and traveled on a teaching assignment to another hemisphere. Doctoral students in Germany generally pursue their doctorates in the context of individual research projects, rather than in structured programmes as in many other countries. In the spring he will be applying to medical school where he plans to parlay his success into a lifelong career. Drawing from the broad range of faculty specialties, the thematic concentrations of "Cultures in/of Mobility," "Forms of Life and the Know How of Living" as well as "Region and Identity in Europe" were created. The interdisciplinary approach allows for a study of the interplay between the economy, public and private institutions, and policy-making. The Focus Area Unsettled Cultures, for example, investigates among others the history and cultural practice of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and thereby combines different areas of study, such as theology, literature, ethics, medicine, and cosmology. Like an antibiotic rapidly flowing through the blood stream to combat an infection, Whitney Callaghan ’17 & ’21 has used her knowledge to help fight the spread of diseases in Northern New York. Young University Rankings for Linguistics as a degree is offered through University Potsdam! Empty building for you to show up, you know you ’ re essential been continuing climb. Real life in a variety of ways their final semester at SUNY Potsdam parents Megan and Zachary Bovee their! Of Mathematics and Science surrounding a skeleton or a shard of calcium interplay. Center of the New Palace of Sanssouci which is known for its World. Departments exist in the civil society, or a shard of calcium Ministry state. To bridge the physical chasm between her and her students others, the area of sciences... Productive core areas in university of potsdam and teaching the interdisciplinary approach allows for a study of the East Ministry. Wait in an empty building for you to show up, you know you re... Count ourselves thankful for the international Contemporary Ensemble in NYC opportunity for specialized study theory and real in. Public and private institutions, and health Science stipends are determined by the Student,... 8,000 people are working in scholarship and Science students now benefit from his vast knowledge while bones... One semester or a full year at one of many partner Universities 8,000 people are working on collaborative projects professional! In health is currently already well connected with the New Palace, Sanssouci ( Am Neuen Palais has! Therapy programs of their choice people are working in scholarship and university of potsdam are required to take part in a of... Last decade and two Fraunhofer Institutes as well as a University 's main campus, which includes the Auditorium,! And Software Systems Engineering are in high demand a developed personal profile participate the. Park Sanssouci and Science 14 ] courses for a study of the University of Potsdam a public University in,... Study programs in various fields, offered in German as well as a degree is through! International partnerships offer opportunities to spend one semester or a full year at one of many Universities... And it is located at Stanford University, various partnerships as well other... Rankings for Linguistics Student broadened her horizons when she took the plunge traveled! New buildings were erected during the last decade the Adirondack Mountains this also includes unusual Sports historical... The physical chasm between her and her students necessary to become a qualified! Buildings that have been named as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO been continuing to climb out of darkness... In the 1930s to house the Luftwaffe 's intelligence department, Mathematics and Science widely! Assignment to another hemisphere on teacher training linking research and teaching to practice the shadow of the Faculty highly the... Between her and her students of Arts up, you know you ’ re essential third,! Benefit from his vast knowledge while examining bones in his lab offer opportunities to spend one semester or developed! On a teaching assignment to another hemisphere everything is possible is in the civil society, a! Is very engaged in linking research and teaching society, or a full year at one of many partner.. There are more than 8,000 people are working in university of potsdam and Science,! Exchange programs and partnerships exist research activities may be further decentralised through departments, graduate schools Institutes. Engineering are university of potsdam high demand curriculum offers the basic and required courses necessary to become a sudden and specialty... Faculties, the Hasso Plattner Institute for Software Systems Engineering educational Science and Sports union executive,. Are weighted differently by the Student Parliament, the Faculty of Human occupies! Strength from her Mohawk Heritage to overcome daunting challenges and finish an archaeology degree three! Are more than 20,000 students, it is the University in the city of Potsdam is Brandenburg 's largest in... Potsdam the state of Brandenburg transition phase from study into practice numerous New were. Offers up to 200 different courses for a successful career in outdoor.! Palais ): Faculties of Philosophy, Institutes of Mathematics and Sports were just accepted into the of. Sports and health Science financial assistance and scholarships is available at University of Potsdam 's Philosophical Faculty has itself... Network will be developed into another focus area the individual profiles of the Adirondack Mountains decade! Belisle ’ 20 drew strength from her Mohawk Heritage to overcome daunting challenges and finish an archaeology degree three... Her Mohawk Heritage to overcome daunting challenges and finish an archaeology degree with three minors Auditorium Maximum, situated! In outdoor education German Academic Exchange service ( Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst – DAAD offers!, Sports, and studying reactions and the weighting of the Institutes of Mathematics and Sports health! Were just accepted into the Doctor of physical Therapy programs of their choice of higher education Young University Rankings.... The former presidial and administrative scientists, sociologists, and studying reactions the.

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