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I appreciate the work you must have carried out to produce this fantastic hub Thank you my friend. The largest and most impressive of the mammals in the Philippines is the Critically Endang… Just like the jellyfish, seek urgent medical attention if you have been bitten by a Philippine cobra. Don’t swim early in the morning or late in the evening as that’s a prime time for sharks to be having their daily exercise. Though venoms vary from one snake to another, even of the same specie, death by Philippine Cobra has been recorded. Manila Sea Catfish (Arius manillensis) Arius manillensis, commonly known as the Manila Sea Catfish, is an endemic marine fish found off of the coast of Luzon Island in the Philippines. The Philippine flying lemur, or "colugo," is a nocturnal gliding mammal that is endemic to the southern Philippines. If you come into contact with them and you get stung, their stings (which contain venom) are extremely painful and in rare cases, life threatening. If the crocodile snaps or charges at you then run away from it as fast as you possibly can! It is characterized by a brown and white feather pattern and bushy crest, and is believed to be one of the largest and most powerful birds on Earth. In a single bite, a yellow-lipped sea krait can give more than 12 times the venom needed to kill a human. You may be surprised to know that a jellyfish isn’t actually a fish but instead it’s classed as an invertebrate! Don’t pee or bleed in the water. The Philippine Sea is located east and northeast of the Philippines in the North Pacific Ocean's western region. Just mention the names aswang, encanto, kapre, tikbalang or tiyanak and you’ll get most Filipinos—especially the young ones—turning into scaredy cats.. You may view th… 1. Travel Safety Advice. This creature is one of the largest scorpions of its species with an average length of 7.9 inches. The wildlife of the Philippines includes a significant number of endemic plant and animal species. The deer's legs are larger and darker than their other hog deer cousins. You have entered an incorrect email address! Nagkaton po kasing animals in the philippines ang dapat na pangalan ng troupe. Will be going to check a few other articles I missed that look interesting like your 60 day challenge.Rated up. The Philippine Turtle or the Pawikan Photo from flickr.com. Tech & Science Sea creatures Sea Monster Philippines The carcass of a mysterious 20-foot sea creature has washed up on the shores of San Antonio in Oriental Mindoro in the Philippines. But it has a brown fur, it jumps instead of running using his four legs, a long hairy tail, If I remember it right It has a shorter front legs than the hind legs,eats insects instead of fruit(I learn/discover it after feeding it with variety of food including fruits, egg, fish, meat. Our second most dangerous animal in the Philippines is the Philippine cobra, also commonly known as the Northern Philippine cobra as these snakes can be found mainly in the northern regions and can also be found on the islands of Luzon, Mindoro, Catanduanes, Azria and Masbate. This animal can measure up to 96 cms., has a tail that is as long as its body, can weigh up to 14 kgs. Swelling and redness usually comes around 5-minutes afterwards. Thriving gallantly in the forest of Palawan, Borneo, Burma and Vietnam, this animal belongs to the family of Viverridae, which is prominently known as the civet or the civet cat. #2. A group of about 40 whale sharks regularly visit this once sleepy and rustic town, that is, the Donsol, Sorsogon from November to June, which is the most in the world. Like the Mindoro Crocodile, the Philippine Eagle used to be found across the nation. RA 9147 or the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act covers the protection of all the wildlife resources of our country, especially the threatened and exotic species, as specified in Articles 2 and 3. I later gave grasshopper which he quickly grab and ate it head first.) The Philippine tarsier (Carlito syrichta) also called Luzon is an endangered species that is endemic to the Philippines. Gener Geminiano (author) from Land of Salt, Philippines on April 25, 2010: Thanks a lot springboard for the visit! Problems encountered in saving these animals … A shark has an incredible sense of smell and can detect the scent of blood from a third of a mile away so if you’ve cut yourself then it’s best to get out of the water. Photo from flickr.com. Terrible Claw Lobster. The one and only Philippine Tarsier. See more ideas about animals, philippines, pet birds. Yellow-lipped sea kraits are attracted to light and can be distracted by artificial sources of light, including hotels and other buildings, on coasts. It also functions as a pouch for protecting offspring. Dengue fever symptoms typically begin three to fourteen days after infection. By most estimates, we've explored somewhere around 5 percent of our oceans. Sea “pancakes”, for example, are just as carnivorous as other species, feeding on a variety of animals ranging from barnacles, sea anemones, sponges, hydroids, and even other nudibranchs. The venom will affect nerve tissues and can be fatal in some cases. It’s an exciting place to explore. The full warning display is bright yellow with blue rings or lines. Noted as one of the smallest primates on earth, the Tarsier is unique in so many ways it’s simply amazing. in length and 65 cms. The right tag for this awesome creature is a mouse deer, to be precise and accurate. In the Philippines, there are active animal protection organisations working to address animal welfare issues concerning companion animals and they are represented on the Committee on Animal Welfare. Pig If you’ve been bitten by a black widow then you will feel muscle pain, nausea and mild paralysis of the diaphragm, which makes breathing difficult. Being the largest eagle in the world means the Philippine eagle tends to prey on larger animals. The country's surrounding waters reportedly have the highest level of marine biodiversity in the world. Here are some of the Philippines’ truly captivating animals that are threatened, endangered and/or facing extinction. There have been known cases of humans around the world that have died from a scorpion bite, but the chances aren’t high. Wow thanks a lot for dropping by! Dogs Funny how man’s best friend can be one of the deadliest animals in Planet Philippines. Commonly found in Mindanao, this awesome creature has 12-inch tail that is connected by a petagium, a membrane that stretches from the neck to the forelimbs to the hind feet to the tail. Warning: Even a miniscule amount of jellyfish venom can cause the heart to have seizure and stop beating altogether.

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