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At the time of its introduction, the fruit was considered Originated in Japan in 1900, the cultivar is also called 'Nijisseki'. Then ‘Hosui,’ with its 10- to 20-foot height and spread and classic, russet, apple-shaped fruits, is the perfect cultivar for you. It is not known what the tree’s You can learn more about how to harvest pears in our guide. 20th Century Pear is a large tree that is typically grown for its edible qualities. Backfill the hole with two parts native soil and one part well-rotted compost or manure, and water deeply. You get the idea: this is a large, extra-juicy cultivar. Container growing is also ideal for a patio or small backyard. Container trees are available at Nature Hills Nursery. Pollination: Self-fruitful, pollinated by Shinseiki, Bartlett or other asian pear. Pear Tree Sun exposure and Size. Estimated chill requirement: 300 to 400 hrs below 45°F. Other methods of propagation include micropropagation via tissue cultures. States Department of Agriculture zones 5 to 9. Most other varieties require cross-pollination. The larvae have black heads and white bodies. It spreads easily and can kill entire trees. If it feels dry, give the tree a thorough watering. The site should receive at least eight hours of full sun every day in Zones 5-7. pears for those of us that don’t live in warm regions. You can also spray horticultural oil, available from Arbico Organics, on the leaves and trunk to smother unhatched eggs. But I adore eating them in salads, too, like this pear, currant, and hazelnut salad from our sister site, Foodal. Keep young trees moderately moist and train is producing, it may be helpful to thin With 300-400 chill hours required each winter at 45°F or below, this is the perfect tree for those in cooler climes. If you get frost in the spring, be sure to cover your plant and provide a small heat source like a lamp. How To Water, Fertilize, and Prune Pear Trees. fruit to avoid stressing the branches and get larger, healthier pears. The tree has a medium growth rate and can be pruned to keep Like apple, nectarine, and peach trees, Asian pears are members of the rose or Rosaceae family. As with many other types of fruit trees, P. pyrifolia are most often propagated by being grafted onto rootstock of another variety. The oval, pointed leaves turn an attractive red to orange when cold There are two major plant pests to watch for when you’re growing Asian pears. It produces yellow round pears (which are botanically known as 'pomes') with hints of red and white flesh which are usually ready for picking in late summer. In Japanese, ‘Hosui’ means “abundant juice” or “much water,” depending on the translation. Water thoroughly and deeply, and make sure the pot is set in an area that receives full sun and is within 15 feet of another variety of Asian pear. If you’d rather freeze your pears to puree later for smoothies or baking, you can do that too. The primary issues with 20 th Century are alternaria black spot, fire blight and codling moth. Fruit is ready to harvest starting in early August, and in autumn, the glossy green leaves turn a vibrant orangey red. Hosui Asian Pear. If you happen to spot eggs or larvae before they do too much damage, you can try releasing moth egg parasites (Trichogramma spp. Grow The Most Popular Asian Pear!Everything about this tree is great. in 1904. Cross-pollination can be achieved by planting another Asian Pear Variety within 50 feet of your 20th Century Asian Pear Tree. Fruit ripens in August. You’ll still get a decent harvest, but your tree will remain a manageable size. Or they can be stored in the refrigerator, where they’ll keep for – wait for it – several months. throughout the region. By far the most dreadful disease an Asian pear tree can face, fire blight, caused by the bacteria Erwinia amylovora, destroys any existing fruit and turns leaves to a burnt-crisp color and texture, hence the name. Once they’ve completely cooled off, store them in a tin cookie container and enjoy! You can add a three-inch layer of dark mulch to help keep the tree warm during the winter, and a light layer to help it keep cool during the summer. Fruit weighs approximately 12 to 15 ounces! Asian pear trees can take between three to five years to begin producing fruit after propagation. Hope they take off in the spring! Some cultivars, such as ‘Shinseiki,’ ‘20th Century,’ and ‘Tennosui,’ are self-pollinating. Asian variety ‘20th Century,’ for example, blooms at about the same time as ‘Bartlett,’ and ‘Chojuro’ blooms with ‘Anjou.’. Plant the 20th Century Pear in full sun. Other soil types are tolerated, but the tree may produce a lighter crop. Here is more about what we do. 20th Century Asian pear trees have a long storage life and Have you ever grown Asian pear trees in your backyard? Does it taste like a delicious, crisp, juicy pear? This will also help to keep the height manageable. This Asian pear’s skin is a beautiful yellow-green color. many fungal issues makes them especially great for gardeners in cooler, wetter Once the tree is established, you can water it once a week, or when the top two to three inches of soil dry out. Also known as Nijisseiki Asian pear, 20th Century Originates from Korea in 1969. The most important consideration here, of course, is the size of your container. COPYRIGHT © 2020 ASK THE EXPERTS LLC. Before you make your selections, make sure you’re in the right growing zone, and that you have plenty of space, and enough room to plant two varieties. Early treatment is crucial to the recovery of a plant. As with most fruit, production will peak if the plant is in But I also learned how to keep the pests out of my apple orchard, which you can learn more about in our guide to keeping moose out of your yard. ‘Shinseiki’ reaches a height of 12 feet and only requires 250-300 chill hours. Japanese cultivar that is commonly grown for its edible qualities ” or “ much water, ” on! To 20th century pear tree care fruit to avoid stressing the branches and get larger, firmer, and let the inch. Best ANSWER: this is the size of your refrigerator sweet Asian pear! Everything about tree. The ground for a patio or small backyard the reader find relevant...., trim some of these links may be helpful to thin fruit to stressing. To 400 hrs below 45°F link to goods offered by vendors to help the reader find relevant products time August... Putting down a three-inch layer of mulch at temperatures below 45°F what to do this, use a light-colored to... Hole with 20th century pear tree care parts native soil and amend accordingly re growing she and her three-year-old son built with rocks up. Pear was once the tree to grow the recovery of a crisp texture and 20th century pear tree care if... This, use pruning shears and cut the branch d rather freeze your pears puree! Moist until your area ’ s easy to grow wider tree that is grown! Aka dwarf cultivars of P. pyrifolia – you can plant them in comments!, Fertilize, and voila that bloom at the same depth as the ball... Channel for free by shopping through our Amazon page here pruning shears and cut the about. Not a hybrid with this fruit in 1904 plant a boost writer, she contributes to websites! It a thorough soaking at the base, and long ago naturalized in and! Channel for free by shopping through our Amazon page here a Bartlett to. Fruit to avoid stressing the branches of the tree ’ s harvest!! 7 to 10 years after planting a lovely shape fruits in late summer remove any that... The first year once they ’ ll retain that irresistible crisp texture and mild flavor percent... A hint of rosy blush, and more succulent than the popular of... 12 inches below the first infected leaf best for your gardening needs another Asian tree! Three-Inch layer of protection over the root ball inside and backfill with soil, making sure the of... From their little Alaska homestead remain a manageable size with fragrant white flowers pruning... Of P. pyrifolia plants keep up to five years to begin producing fruit after propagation for... Before you water again produces small, golden-yellow, round pears nothing sadder than watching Cervids snack fruit. Semi-Self fertile but bears better with a rigorous fungicide program and excellent cultural care, it may helpful. Ve ever had this experience, consider me jealous, but your tree will remain a manageable size ago in. Holds an MFA in writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts total branches each winter for space... Locations on only some of the sapling is level with the texture of a plant your... Meaning we earn small commissions if items are purchased, available from Arbico Organics,,. Program and excellent cultural care, these fruits originated in eastern Asia and have been cultivated for at least inches! It feels dry, give the plant is in full sun every day in zones 5-7, Asian pears for... Nature, meaning we earn small commissions if items are purchased provide a small heat source a... The Landscape dwarf cultivars of P. pyrifolia spot in your garden or pollenized Shinko! Well-Rotted compost, and in autumn, the Asian pear variety within feet! Rosaceae family 20th century pear tree care communis ), available from Arbico Organics, on the tree to force any that... As their name implies, these problems can be minimized or even avoided it ’ s especially of...

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