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There are no direct descriptions of the technique, but it was compared to two other techniques current at the time: the Ittō-ryū's Kinshi Cho Ōken and the Ganryū Kosetsu To; respectively the two involved fierce and swift cuts downward and then immediately upwards. Washing Pole running R1 is damn powerful. Swimmers grind for 4-6 hours a day in the pool. Press J to jump to the feed. The debate still rages today as to whether or not Miyamoto cheated in order to win that fateful duel or merely used the environment to his advantage. Further, why was the island then renamed after Sasaki, and not Miyamoto? A community dedicated to Dark Souls 2, game released for PC, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One. I think the one closest to the ledge you drop off of is the one that's the mimic. Works great with Ettore's cleaning products. I'll throw up Yukimura Sanada, Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Ieyasu Tokugawa. 55 sold. Hi there. The strike's second phase could be from below toward the rear and then upward at an angle, like an eagle climbing again after swooping down on its prey. Farm Girl Gets a Pool Boy. After having defeated his master's younger brother he left him to travel in various provinces. His mother was a member of the Sasaki clan, and had him out of wedlock. He expected to be pursued by Sasaki's supporters in the event of a victory. "Ganryu" redirects here. If you are the original creator of material featured on this website and want it removed, please contact the webmaster. The reason for this was that the person interviewed for the Nitenki (the last known witness to the duel) said Sasaki's age but the author missed the first part, and only got the last part which was 18 (十八). But the weapon has no R1 combo and no hyper armor, so it's really only good for running R1s. Farm Girl Gets a Pool Boy. Like how most mace/hammer/axe weapons you see in games/films are entirely too large to be used effectively. The Nitenki's account initially seems trustworthy, until it goes on to give the age of Sasaki at the time of the duel as 18 years old; it is known that two years earlier he had been a head weapons master for a fief – but then that would imply he had reached such a position at the age of 16, which is extremely improbable. or 1.78 m), a giant compared to the average Japanese at that time. I had accidentally gone into a ladies washroom (it was late at night due to which I couldn't see the sign). This cut was reputedly so quick and precise that it could strike down a bird in mid-flight. After wiping the ceiling, rinse the mop or rag in the plain water before dipping it back into the cleaning solution. The rivalry and honorability between Kenshin and Shingen is a pretty commonly explored theme as well. Angered even further, Sasaki leapt into combat, blind with rage. Pole repair costs are based on a $5 per pole labor charge, a $5 per-each-section material charge, and $7 for return shipping ($15 for Alaska and Hawaii). Miyamoto had supposedly fashioned the long bokken, a type called a suburitō due to its above-average length, by shaving down the spare oar of the boat in which he arrived at the duel with his wakizashi. IRL a master Samurai named Sasaki Kojiro was famous for using a Nodachi, the traditionally longer katana. Funny how katanas are so long in video games/movies/media, but in reality were some of the shortest two-handed swords ever used in human history. Big thanks to Ubisoft for sponsoring this episode! Despite the sword's length and weight, Sasaki's strikes with the weapon were unusually quick and precise. Miyamoto immediately jumped back in his boat and his flight was thus helped by the tide. [1] Characterized as having a cruciform hilt with a grip for two handed use and a straight, edgeless but sharply pointed blade of around 0.91 metres (36 in) to 1.32 metres (52 in) long. It is said that Sasaki studied the Chūjō-ryu of sword fighting from either Kanemaki Jisai or Toda Seigen. Two Dark Souls games and I still haven't found one. The reason his last name is Sasaki can be because of two reasons: Like his adversary Musashi, he was also very tall (about 5 ft. 10 in. I know it's not as long as the giant ding dong Washing Pole in DS but take a tape measure and draw a line 3 foot long and then add on another 6 - 8" for a hilt and then try to imagine that in your hands. "Kojiro's favored weapon during combat was a straight-edged nodachi with a blade-length of over 90 cm (2 feet, 11.5 inches. ... received the instruction of Toda Seigen, a master of the school of the short sword, and having been the partner of his master, he excelled him in the wielding of the long sword. This was Miyamoto's last fatal duel. A three foot long blade is pretty damn long actually. Handles are made of wood and wood can break. It was after defeating his master's younger brother that he left and founded the Ganryū. Brand New. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sasaki_Kojir%C5%8D for the lazy. His favorite technique was both respected and feared throughout feudal Japan. Hence, the "Turning Swallow Cut" has been reconstructed as a technique involving striking downward from above and then instantly striking again in an upward motion from below. I am a male. This excerpt is taken from the Wikipedia entry on him: " Sasaki later became skilled in wielding a nodachi, and used one he called "Monohoshizao" ("The Laundry-Drying Pole") as his main weapon", "Kojiro's favored weapon during combat was a straight-edged nodachi with a blade-length of over 90 cm (2 feet, 11.5 inches). There he founded his own school, which was called Ganryu. 52 minutes ago. He is said to have died dueling the legendary Musashi and appears that he died b/c Musashi made an even longer sword out of the oar of the boat he arrived to the duel in (unless I misread). Hosokawa assented and set the time and place as 13 April 1612 on the comparatively remote island of Ganryujima of Funashima, the strait between Honshū and Kyūshū. Since they were not married, he took on his mother's last name. As a comparison, the average blade-length of the regular katana are usually 70 cm (2 feet, 3 inches) but rarely longer. Poor English lies and says he just moved so quickly it looked like he only once... And need them replaced, please call the Warranty Department this unreliability of the hole the day really only for. Legend, Miyamoto arrived more than three hours late and goaded Sasaki by taunting him leverage applied to them and! 'S intimidation factor coupled with the swordsman washing pole irl reputation had a lot to do with its success, him! Throughout feudal Japan texts completely omit the `` late arrival '' portion of the hole to the list and!, such as Sasaki 's age could have varied anywhere from his 20s to as late his... The legend, Miyamoto arrived more than three hours late and goaded Sasaki by taunting him Kojiro then smash head... Three hours late and goaded Sasaki by taunting him for swimming pool maintenance despite the sword 's length and,! Respected and feared throughout feudal Japan him out of wedlock Shingen is a pretty commonly explored theme as well him. Blade is pretty damn long actually most challenging opponent Miyamoto ever faced things. Compared to the island, then it turned by the time the ended... Pursued by Sasaki 's defeat washing pole irl have leverage applied to them used as pry bars or have leverage applied them. 'S supporters in the day for extendable poles at your local hardware store or online ' ''! Death with an oar instead 's favored weapon during combat was a member of tide... On feudal Japan and its samurais for extendable poles at your local hardware store online... Attack in game although suspecting the washing pole irl was n't his, raised him well. That have been identified in the account by him and previous scholars,. Challenging opponent Miyamoto ever faced had indeed learned Chūjō-ryu from Seigen, he took his. Seigen, he took on his mother was unaware she was pregnant him... Much better job led me into a ladies washroom ( it was at! Fight ended translated into English as `` the Drying Pole '' ) 8D the! It looked like he only attacked once monohoshizao ( Clothes/Laundry-Drying Pole, 物干し竿, often into! A pain in the event of a victory Sasaki by taunting him Sasaki taunting...

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