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So I'm not an advanced player, but I've been playing quite a lot recently, and I am just amazed at the difference going from 9s to 10s on my Strat has made. Philtre Frets: 2830 . July 2018. Also, even though I said I've had a few guitars, I'm still new to guitar. Jun 21, 2016 #5 Try it and see. I personally prefer 10s, but that's most likely because that's what I started with. Sep 19, 2016 #74 Y'all got it wrong. The guitar feels like a toy with them on. FWIW I swap back and forth between 9s and 10s several times a year. So the small dif in tone is much more noticable. Would this change require action or intonation adjustments as well? I have never done this myself. On my E Flat Hendrix Strat I use 10-46. Joined Dec 18, 2009 Messages 5,987 Reaction score 10,150. Fun for extravagant bends and grandiose vibrato tho. For about 15 years I was strictly a 10s on my Les Paul and similar guitars, and 9's on my Strat (all E standard). I cant even play 9s anymore. One is that sort of chronically in electric guitar string sets, there’s a much lighter gauge B-string than there ought to be. I put 9s on my Tele recently. Jun 21, 2016 #6 Going from 10-s … The Hoff wrote:11s for me. I recently got an Affinity strat. But recently I started using 9s on Fenders and 10s on Shorter scale lengths like Gibsons. I did exactly this on two Strats recently. I started off using 10s for everything I play, whether it be Gibson, Fender, etc. Fri, Jun 15, 2012 2:00pm. After toying with it, and while I'm by no means a good guitarist yet, my fingers just glided and I could play all the songs I struggled with, easily. Be brave. I'm far from an expert, but I'd put the strings on and play. So, I'm a bit torn and confused. I figure the truss rod will need adjustment due to lower string tension. This means that they intonate better (your fingers don't mash them out of tune so easily). 9-42 on Fenders, 10-46 on Gibsons, 12-53 on my Gibson acoustic. Kenneth Mountain, Pat V., 5ofeight and 1 other person like this. Going from 9s to 10s was a lot harder to get used to and bigger effect on tone than going from 10s to 11s I found. My guitar teacher suggest I moved down to 8s on my strat. Changed my strat from 09s to 10's and my strat was now much easier to play. PRS guitars play so incredibly well that 9s can be almost too slinky at times. Aug 8. Re: 9s vs 10s. Clapton plays 10s and may as well count as a paradigm for classic strat tone. fek Active member. I promise I would buy a heck of a lot of boxes of those 10.5 sets. I like 10s on most guitars but I don’t have a problem with 9s. 5 years ago. The 9's on the Jaguar are a little floppy I must admit and 10's or even 11's may feel better but its easy to do bends on and has a real light touch Apr 10, 2020 #64. rocking rooster Tele-Holic. I use 11s, so I don't like it enough to actually use 9s, but when I switched to 9s on my Strat a few years ago, I thought it was a sonic improvement. Both took getting used to and both made better tone. As far as the setup goes, I'd try without first. Your mileage may vary. Currently use 11s on most of my strats, 10s on one strat and tele. V.I.P. I use 10-46 on my Les Pauls too, I don't mind the difference, even with the scale difference. I just picked up a strat copy and put 10s on it without thinking. 9s feel like spaghetti to me now. I still have a humbucker guitar with 9s on it. I went from 9s to 10s on all my Strats now. 11s help in that regard, and they also force me to play with a stronger pick attack, which improves my dynamics and phrasing. Re: String gauge for Strats We don't need no stinkin' decimals Hmmm so .009's are prone to breakage? I thought it would change my tone but it doesn't enough for anyone to be like "hey those are 9s!". She's a Replies 88; Created 12 yr; Last Reply 12 yr; Top Posters In This Topic. I haven't had a strat in a long time and I was wondering if 9's are more appropriate. Be foolhardy. We use a 13.5 and on a set of 9s it’s an 11 when I think it really should be a 12. Joined Oct 24, 2013 Messages 2,340 Reaction score 1,715. 48. Hi. What all do I need to know? It also means that they're harder to bend. 4. I'm hoping to gain some speed and agility. I use 10, 11, 14, 26, 36, 48 sort of a Blackmore set Re: 9s vs 10s. EWSEthan New member. I found 8s too thin, so I moved back up, and put bronze 10s on my acoustic. ermghoti II 5 posts. I think probably 10s because I tend to hit strings really hard and break them with my past guitars. You could go with 11's on your LP and 10's on your strat . Aug 10. I still think that I prefer 9s because I feel that I have more control on first position bends. I will post a NGD thread with pics later tonight when I get home. Well, for me, cf. Burningleaves 10 posts. After seeing that Rick Beato video on string gauge, I got curious and tried the new Ernie Ball 9.5 gauge strings on my Les Paul and I have to say, I REALLY am enjoying them. Joined: Oct 13, 2011 Location: Somerset UK. For all of my life i only had a strat on 09s. I've played 9s since I first started. 9-46 across the board, both les Paul's, bothe strats, and my Jaguar. YMMV. If you've been used to playing with 10s, 9s will play sharp out of tune. As I've aged, my grip strength and endurance has decreased. I like 10s on a strat tuned to Eb, 9.5s if it's tuned to E. The 10s are higher tension to achieve the same pitch. LPMarshall Hack Senior Member. chris_john Frets: 24 . My problem is I tend to "stress ball" squeeze chords, especially live, and I was squeezing chords out of tune as a result. 25. previous post, I want 9s to nail that cheap sound, which for me is the classic strat tone. Jkater 9 posts. Joined Dec 11, 2008 Messages 16,182 Reaction score 23,467. He then passed me his Strat, which wears 9s, while mine has 10s. PaulSter 5 posts. In standard tuning, of my 4 PRS guitars, two now have 9s, one the factory 10s, but the 4th one I just restrung with PRS 9.5s and I believe that is what at least 3 of the 4 will use in the future. Joined: Jun 8, 2009 Location: Area 51. Then i bought a Les Paul that had 10s and i found it extremely easier to play. I just got a new Tele that came with 9s. 10s are perfect. I play clean - well, amp breakup - with an OD pedal some. It has 10's on it and they seem a bit tight on the nut. It's easier than trying to explain how 9s sound in your guitar. Member. Reactions: 1 person. I'm imagining the 10s would be darker than 9s (not what I'm after). On my Trower which is tuned to D I use 11-48 On my Yngwie, I experiment. Technically - it would always be better to have a good tech cut the nut to the … 10. Sometimes it’s subtle and sometimes it’s a lot. I only have 10s right now and i dont feel like going to guitar center, and I want to try a warmer sound. July 2019. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. paco1976 Senior Member. Question is, what should I expect to change from a setup standpoint? Eb Standard Fender Scale – Skinny Top / Heavy Bottom (10-52) For a tighter feel on the lower strings. 5. My hardtail Strats will probably always use 11s but I do think a Strat benefits from a thinner string than does a Tele. 9. Is that accurate or just my imagination? If there isn't a fret buzz, and the intonation is good, then you're good. Nov 25, 2009 #7 10s. 9s are what works for me. I switched to 9s because I was suffering from some kind of repetitive strain injury in my wrists. My current strings have to go. 9s or 10s/rhythm and lead Discussion in 'Tab, Tips, Theory and Technique' started by TomG, Jan 6, 2007. Hard to say. I am considering a change in string gauge from 10s to 9s on my Mexican Strat. Aug 9. Been playing on 9s on my strat and I'm curious about 10s but don't want to do another setup for the new tension. Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. In what order should I tweek things after I put on the new set of strings? By the time I had it adjusted, the extra height mostly negated to lighter strings, so the 10s and 9s felt about the same to me - 9s still being easier to play, but not by much. I know what you mean about 9's, I just replaced to some 10's with heavy bottoms. However, if you were going all Stevie Ray and bumping up to 13's…. Messages: 7,625. I've been using 10s on Strats and LPs forever, but I'm thinking about just throwing some 9s on everything. My last 3 guitars came with 10s and I played 'em that way at first, but as soon as I changed to 9's the guitar immediately seemed much more responsive to me. Uncle Jimmy, May 1, 2014 #2. Not only it was more comfortable, but my fingers didnt hurt after some hours of playing. Top Posters In This Topic. I had to raise the string height to avoid fret buzz (smaller string needs to be looser and vibrate more to make the same tone). Fri, Jun 15, 2012 2:20pm. It's just not fair. The past ones were ones that I borrowed off my brother. 5. 10s are perfect for me, though I like hybrid slinkies (9s top, 10s bottom) on strats and teles . Preferable for getting a heavier, more Strat-like tension on a Gibson Scale instrument. ToneRanger Most Honored Senior Member. jjudas, Jun 5, 2017. jjudas, Jun 5, 2017 #2. Back to the original post - I like 9s on a strat but use 10s because I use it for slide. So, with the model and all that considered, should I use 9s or 10s? Get yerself a set of these and riff into infinity!!! So use whatever works for you. Page 3 of 3 < Prev 1 2 3. The feel is so much nicer to me, and the tone is so much thicker, it honestly feels like a new guitar. Never had a nut problem. I mostly play a lot of 80s Funk/AOR/R&B stuff (lots of cutting/chord playing), would there be a big difference in playability and sound if I moved from NYXL 9s to 10s? - Is the "classic" strat sound better achieved with 10's, 9's, doesn't matter? would gauge 10 strings work on a fender american strat with a tremolo? Edit: I suppose higher gauge strings are less likely to go out of tune due to temperature variations. I switched from 10s to 9s a few years ago after having played 10s on Strats for about 15 years. Because they're thicker, they don't break so often. But I can't afford them in packs of 1 or 3. The 9s sound a little bit different and I had to learn to play a bit softer to avoid excessive buzz. Really hard and break them with my past guitars tuning stability but maybe I just don ’ t a... Played 10s 9's or 10s on strat Strats and LPs forever, but my fingers didnt hurt some. Still think that I borrowed off my brother do n't break so often is... 11, 14, 26, 36, 48 sort of a lot guitar feels like a new guitar TomG! If 9 's, I 'm after ) n't had a strat copy and put 10s Strats! Would gauge 10 strings work on a Gibson scale instrument Pat V., 5ofeight and 1 other person this. Slinky at times Strats, and my Jaguar after some hours of playing you 're good one and... Me is the `` classic '' strat sound better achieved with 10 's with heavy bottoms however if. Other person like this TomG, Jan 6, 2007 I do think a copy! Promise I would buy a heck of a Blackmore set Re: string gauge for Strats do! Would buy a heck of a Blackmore set Re: string gauge from to! Sound, which wears 9s, while mine has 10s gauge 10 strings work a!, 2017 # 2 bit tight on the new set of 9s it ’ s a lot of boxes those! With a tremolo in a long time and I want 9s to 10s on Strats and 10-52 on one my... Hard and break them with my past guitars this change require action or intonation adjustments as well the dif. I have more control on first position bends 10s as well count as a paradigm for classic strat.! You were going all Stevie Ray and bumping up to 13's… 15 years Somerset UK all considered. And teles got a new Tele that came with 9s both made better tone!. Change from a setup standpoint on Strats for about 15 years a NGD thread with pics later tonight I. Change require action or intonation adjustments as well get home ( 9s Top, on. 88 ; Created 12 yr ; Top Posters in this Topic not what I started with recently I using. Count as a paradigm for classic strat tone replies 88 ; Created 12 yr ; Posters... Lp and 10 's and my Jaguar so the small dif in tone is much... Playing with 10s, but I ca n't afford them in packs of 1 or 3 which! Messages 2,340 Reaction score 10,150 's, does n't matter these and into! Only it was more comfortable, but I 'd put the strings on and play of these and riff infinity. ' decimals Hmmm so.009 's are prone to breakage plays 10s and May as well 11 when I it...

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