reduced vanillin acetate

Vanillin acetate is reduced with sodium borohydride. ChEBI. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. It derives from a vanillin. PubChem Substance ID 24855651. Molecular Weight 194.18 . 69E-005 (Modified Grain method. 1 Structures Expand this section. Start studying Experiment 4 - Reduction of Vanillin Acetate. MDL number MFCD00003362. EC Number 212-920-1. H O OCH. From the results in this experiment, it was determined that sodium borohydride is able to reduce ketones and aldehydes. O. However, this reagent is not able to reduce ester functional groups. Comment of the IR spectrum of your prodcut (reduced vanillin acetate) and compare it to the reactant (vanillin acetate). Contents. H. 3. NaBH. Thus, the product of the reaction was 4-(hydroxymethyl) -2-methoxyphenylacetate. 4, NaOH 2. Vanillin MW 152.15 C. 8. Electric currents are then induced in the mixture at 400 kA or above; this current breaks the bond between the. It is a member of benzaldehydes, a monomethoxybenzene and a member of phenyl acetates. 3. Vanillin acetate is a phenyl acetate obtained by the formal condensation of phenolic group of vanillin with acetic acid. H. 8. O + OH OCH. NACRES NA.22 Linear Formula CH 3 CO 2 C 6 H 3-4-(CHO)-2-OCH 3. 3. Reduction of Vanillin to Vanillyl Alcohol . OH 1. functional group of vanillin acetate was reduced, forming a hydroxyl group. Vanillin acetate 98% Synonym: 4-Formyl-2-methoxyphenyl acetate CAS Number 881-68-5. refer to the wave numbers of any noteworthy peaks, and describe qualitatively what the infrared spectra tell you about your reactant and product, as well as the success of your reaction. 3. Depreciation expense is used in accounting to allocate the cost of a tangible asset over its.

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