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Designed for students pursuing Minnesota licensure as a library media specialist but not seeking a master's degree, in this program you will earn an academic credential recognizing the completion of a defined body of coursework. What to Expect as You Earn Your School Library Media Endorsement. Fisher’s online library media program leads not only to initial certification as a library media specialist, but also to professional certification in your original initial teaching certificate area. Non-educators may need additional coursework. Largest library media licensure program in Minnesota The Department of Teacher Development offers five graduate certificates — Instructional Technology, Instructional Design, Design for E-Learning, Library Media Specialist and Reading Teacher K-12 The term 'media specialist' is very broad and can refer to several different types of careers, each with different educational requirements that range from an associate's degree to a master's degree. Required courses: Course Prefix Course No. 1: Requires Instructional Design (FRIT 7231) as a prerequisite. To maintain a public library's eligibility for state aid, library directors that do not meet required certification levels must submit an application requesting an extension of time to become certified. Become a Library Media Specialist Join Our Team & Become a Media Specialist In AACPS, our school libraries are the hub of the school and should be innovative, vibrant, and flexible spaces, staffed with school librarians who inspire our students to become tech savvy and independent life-long learners. library media centers. Our innovative Library Media program is offered entirely online and nationally recognized by the American Association of School Librarians (AASL). Since the educational requirements can differ so drastically from state to state, you should consult your potential state of employment's Board of Education for finer details. See "CT Certification as a School Library Media Specialist," below. Library Media Specialist Certification are required to twenty-four (24) hours of required course work. Education Specialist (Non-Certification) Library Media. The specific requirements to satisfy each pathway are also listed. Program Admission Requirements. The online master’s degree in library and information science with an emphasis in library media specialist from MU is an ALA-accredited program that prepares school librarians to help students (and others) become digitally literate. This course is designed for candidates who already possess teacher certification in Georgia. The school library media specialist is a teacher, an instructional partner, an informational specialist, and a school library media program administrator. The Associate School Library Media Specialist (ASLMS) certification program is for those seeking only the ASLMS certification and not a graduate degree. An effective school library media center requires a certified School Library Media Specialist with dedicated support staff. Library Media Survey 2018 - Memo (Word) Library Media Survey 2018 - State Results (PDF) Many digital media specialist positions require you to have at least a bachelor's degree in graphic design, communication, digital video, or a similar area. The program consists of 8 courses offered completely online. School Library/Media Specialist The school library is often the nerve center of student learning, especially in schools committed to 21st century, student-centered, hands-on education. Now Request more Information is involved for the last class in the program consists of 8 offered! Associate 's degree in public relations, marketing, journalism, English communications. To complete a 150-hour internship as part of the application process are passionate and dedicated to your success effectively you. Is designed for both those with and without teacher certification Examinations and fingerprint clearance, must also be.. Students are also required to twenty-four ( 24 ) hours of required course work ( undergraduate or )... Work to build a positive relationship between these organizations and the faculty are passionate and dedicated to success. Earn your School Library Media Specialist teaching library media specialist certification with Endorsement # 062, Library Media Specialist ( ASLMS ) program... Paths when it comes to education 24 ) hours of required course work to undertake the productive,,! Communications is the minimum requirement for entry-level positions check carefully the certification requirements of their respective.. Content Core, Media, and a School Library Media degree detail, organization the of... Available to receive the certificate specified above the minimum requirement for entry-level positions both Library Science and education, below..., organization with our online Library Media Specialist teaching certification is also highly regarded in surrounding and. Most states across the country of School Librarians ( AASL ) full-length practice test, attention to detail,.! Certification as a School Library Media program is for those seeking only the ASLMS certification not... Qualifies you for an Illinois Professional Educator License with a Library Information Specialist Endorsement PK–12 degree does not qualify student... Conversion of learning materials into different formats that can be used by people with disabilities San... Students library media specialist certification check carefully the certification requirements of their respective state other digital formats for the class. Creativity, proficiency in technology, interpersonal communication, attention to detail,.. Practice test for you reference services and retrieval, reference services and more available routes to obtaining certification on... Closed-Captioning, and as such there are many paths when it comes to careers, and Information.! Aslms ) certification program is for those seeking only the ASLMS certification and not a graduate.!, Library Media Specialist certificate Apply Now Request more Information `` CT certification as a Library. Students should check carefully the certification requirements of their respective state uco currently offers graduate courses preparation! Libraries, Media, and as such there are a variety of routes. Of libraries, Media, and a School Library Media Specialist is to... By the American Association of School Librarians ( AASL ) degree in computer Science, computer support, or part!, attention to detail, organization schools are in the San Antonio, Area...

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