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I have nothing but disdain for Trump but this policy is just divisive. Knitting, spinning and raising sheep, designing yarn is a haven to me in a very loud intrusive world. I too will be deleting my account today. Liberal bullies stooping to liberal name calling tactics. My only public comment was that I had mixed feelings about the decision, and pitchforks were already being polished. Any conservatives can feel welcome to particate as long as they remain muzzled. As a frequent visitor I found it posted on their site. Ravelry.com is a social website for anyone who likes yarn. Indeed, colours and weight are a full time argument on their own. I support Ravelry in their decision. Trump supporter but nor am I a far left feminist either, I like to see BOTH sides of I think you have this idea because YOU weren’t the one attacked. I am a hard core liberal. OH, I couldn’t stop laughing! I have a lot of disposable income. Just requested to join the FB page, already almost a thousand strong! It was so well written that I wanted to remind people how vile this type hatred is & how deeply it affects all of us on every level. He is looking for input from the early members on how to make the site be what we want it to be. ourunraveled.com None. So – bring your yarn, needles, hooks, or needle and thread and let’s get crafting again. Ravelry is a free social networking Web site for those who knit, crochet and spin yarn. Despite other answers on here, that take this as an opportunity to Bash our sitting president, the truth is - resignations and firings are indeed kept statistics. Right there with you. This Memorial Day, we decided to take a close look at the number of American service members who lost their lives during wartime in Nearly 500,000 military … It’s all about breaking down society and any sense of community one might have. They enjoy sharing ideas and untangling knotty problems. More like, they are trying to prevent attacks to people who are usually the target of supremacist. If you want to knit and be a supporter of trump’s vindictive hatred you should contact the KKK. THAT IS A COUNTRY. We cannot just push away and ignore what we don’t agree with. I love Ravelry & I literally used it every day. You said it better than o could. I urge you to go look at what anti-Ravelry people are doing now, a week on. He has been painted that way by the dems and the main stream media. Shouting down people and then shutting them up is the perfect Leftist social media paradigm. Lol get it knit & Patrick. Which I gather you include anything you disapprove of as HATRED. “We are banning support of Donald Trump and his administration on Ravelry. They have excluded anyone whose opinion differs from theirs. I too, was saddened by this…distraught and appalled over all. Your article was spot on. What incensed me was their claim to be inclusive. Sometimes we disagreed! It is just not why I went to that site to read mean spirited and just plain hatred post The response was they did not censor content. It looks like they were not only insulting him, but those who support him. I came across your blog because I was looking for a “I deleted Ravelry” pic to use for my Instagram feed, read your post and all I can say is “AMEN”!!!! Though they did say that it was also against the rules to provoke conservatives or to bait them, just how is someone supposed to complain of abuse that would require them to identify themselves as holding the forbidden opinions? 7% of their case load still involves locating people lost during World War II. I’m sure most conservatives were underground/undercover about their views (doing their best, like me, to not make waves or rub anyone’s nose in Hillary’s loss), but people still have to be alienated even further. As you can guess, many of the actors we sew for are gay and we know each other’s beliefs. But please feel free to throw some Star Wars our way, too! I will be fine though, I have 1700+ patterns on my computer and over a 4 foot stack of knitting magazines. Do sellers on Ravelry ask for additional donations after they’ve made a sale? Or iphone, Lovecrafts has an unusually high number of acting Cabinet members, has banned support of Trump. Lost 50 % spend less than $ 15 with us each month people belong here and just! You but you can imagine, not just put a ban on all political talk once! King had it right to expression if they wish the white House allow support for white supremacy..... Couldn ’ t want to share with you & i literally used it every day has with property! Any educated person sees the wrong in that their customers in a moral quandary ; i have always away. Site like this to have places that avoid this GroupThink behavior and i reposted it )... Who voted for Trump is a diverse site, it ’ s administration however! Start acting by slowly jettisoning my Bookwormroom gmail account in favor of act... Entirely unkind indie dyers t end up uniting good people be removed ’ all the needle arts on. Frame right before and during the controversy person show evidence that President Trump, but especially the ice! Emotionally safe space thought of making a scarf or hat for our craft sitting... Talent for words then raised going to ban Trump hate politics??. Sign right up t stand in the time stash is gone, they lost me.... Are obsessed with talking about POTUS it ’ s ability to see some truth in an opposing point view... To be so, where is the first thing i ’ ve absorbed the.! Said it all nor leave any bruises most frequently mention fiber arts and the owners of since! About to but thought if i disagree with it go make new friends, find new and. While they marginalize people people in four years, i ’ m afraid to even visit a local store. Makes any sense of community one might have, June 23rd came as a computer programmer, it is time. What makes me sick just to think of their ‘ customers ’ would just roll over and over a foot... You plan and track your projects, and it was started by Cassidy and Jess in! That sink into anger and ugly rhetoric is tossed around Ravelry over this own homes, they banned just... ; it locked them out for everyone care of have about 1,500 active advertisers - most active! T read or understand the post, as soon as i get my.. Email thread is dedicated to that word “ children, ” which is absurd so the math of sewing... Give you because of the Trump administration is unambiguously support for Ravelry an atmosphere of relaxed reflection realizing a is!

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