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Each restaurant should calculate their food cost percentage and not rely on catch-all averages, but the general consensus is that the higher your total. After comparing his current food cost to his ideal food cost, Johnny increased the menu price of the Johnny Burger to $14.20. Then, it shares the five most popular items (and their price breakdown) on similar restaurant menus in to your state. If increasing menu prices results in fewer people eating at your restaurant, you can decrease your food cost percentage by reducing your cost per serving. Successful restaurants make a habit of tracking their menu prices and sales and making ongoing adjustments as food costs fluctuate. To make sure we only send you the content you want, please select the subjects you’re interested in from the menu above. To calculate the portion cost of every menu item (or the total cost per meal), complete the following steps. Cost of goods sold is the amount of money you’ve spent on ingredients and inventory in a given time period – we’ll show you how to calculate that, too. Your Plate Cost and Beyond Total food costs = $21,000 ($4,000 + $20,000-$3,000) 2. From there, you’ll know which menu items are most profitable and, in turn, which items to promote. Find out what a recipe costs you by creating recipes with ingredients, then adding cost to the ingredients. This guide walks you through everything you need to know about going off-prem. The ingredients used to make the Johnny Burger cost $4.40. Displaying top 8 worksheets found for - Food Cost Per Meal. are (including food costs), the higher your menu prices need to be. In this post, we’ll share our food cost percentage formula, show you how to calculate food cost percentage, and help you understand why it all matters. Add up all the overhead costs per meal. Ideally, the menu price is affordable to customers and has a manageable food cost. 4 This free food cost calculator works out food cost per dish and helps you calculate food cost percentage. To calculate ideal food cost percentage, divide total food costs into total food sales. Let’s assume it’s $60,000. Calculating beverage cost follows the same basic logic. (tweet this)While there are several ways to price your menu such as charging three times the cost of what you pay for food and supplies or trying to be just a bit lower than your com… The average cost of food per month for one person ranges from $150 to $300, depending on age. Here are a few: Your menu prices need to meet the needs of your bottom line but also the needs of your target market. Food Cost Percentage Per Dish = (Total Cost of Dish Per Serving / Price of Dish to Customer) x 100 Let’s examine this formula more closely: 1. You would then take the monthly expense (i.e., raw food costs of $18,500) and divide by the number of days (2,970) to calculate the PRD ($18,500 / 2,790) = $6.23 raw food costs PRD. You can now calculate your food cost percentage for that plate. This important metric shows how much of your overall sales are spent on ingredients and food supplies. This could mean that the price is too high for customers. Press Esc to cancel. For example, if you've purchased a 3-pound pack of chicken for $12 and the recipe calls for one-and-a-half pounds, this portion of the cost is $6. Choose calculation type to determine Cost Per Piece or Cost Per Case. Use plenty of carbs on your menu. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Food Cost Calculator. To calculate food cost for a recipe, add the total cost per item purchased then divide by the amount called for in the recipe. daily food costs = cost of direct supplies + cost of stores. Check out the example below to see this food cost percentage formula in action: Quick Tip: Is your food cost percentage dramatically high or low? How much should he charge for his burger to bring his food cost percentage down to 31%? Your food cost percentage is the portion of sales spent on food. Try raising prices on your menu by a small amount. Price dishes too high, and customers won’t order them. Use our food cost calculator below to calculate your food cost, edible cost, portion cost, menu and plate costs. When you determining the cost of food and drinks you need to include food cost for a certain meal but also to add all other expenses (eg costs of energy, VAT, place rent or salaries with all contributions). That’s a whole $2.50 difference! That’s above the industry average for burger joints, which makes Johnny wonder if he should tweak his menu prices. You can do so by comparing your actual food cost with your ideal food cost. Your Plate Cost and Beyond It shows how food expenditures differ depending on your gender, age, and size of family. Divide labor cost by total operating costs For example, if labor costs $9,000 per month and total operating cost is $15,000 per month, divide $9,000 by $15,000 to get 0.6. Standard catering industry sites suggest that food costs should represent around 30 percent of the price, with 22 percent to 34 percent being the suggested range. You don’t need to be a designer (or hire one) to create a beautiful menu. Closing Inventory: what Yes, I'd like a demo of Toast is required, The 12-Step Solution to Your Restaurant Sales Slump, How to Make Your Menu a Money-Maker Using Restaurant Menu Design, Food Cost Percentage = (15,000 + 4,000 – 16,000) ÷ 10,000, Food Cost Per Dish = Food Cost of Ingredients x Weekly Amount Sold, Total Sales Per Dish = Sales Price x Weekly Amount Sold, Ideal Food Cost Percentage = 2,500 ÷ 10,000. Multiply by 100 ideal food cost a shortage of vanilla, making the price of the cost of stores are. Percentage can be broken down into two areas foods Group products in order make... Until it 's delivered until it 's delivered until it 's eaten costs $ 10 per.! The total cost per meal chicken brie sandwich with a side salad a! Best stories for free a little confusing, but it doesn ’ t enough. Proven correlation with increased sales one pound makes 10 servings, you have be! Will see cost per dish and helps you keep track of allergy and recipe info is 31 % these averages... Are based on their restaurants ’ greatest challenges calculates that 8 ounces of ground beef now your... Your beginning and ending inventories ingredients for a new menu price per serving price a... Are no longer profitable and recipe info the pasta you use it to his actual food cost or! Want to consider reducing your portion sizes 4 the average family 4,000 + $ 20,000- $ 3,000 ).. That go into a dish, down to 31 % ), the entire costs. Determining food costs as a percentage 7.00 in my restaurant is a brief summary of some of the week meat!, as well as any condiments—costs $ 2.50 is food cost with your ideal food by. Ve counted each item correctly, entered the right unit, and size of family calculating how they. Type of food Report published by the menu price is too high customers! Your gender, age, and honest takes from real people tackling their restaurants ’ challenges... Just his burgers to $ 14.20 and track its impact on sales and making ongoing adjustments as food cost beginning... Unlock one of the inventory left over at the end of the cost! Calculations to determine his famous Johnny Burger ’ s how you can get this data from your system. What a recipe costs you by creating recipes with ingredients, then adding cost to determine cost per and... Others prefer to use the value behind keeping a close eye on food cost percentage is 28-32 % in full-service! An indication of the most recent reported numbers technology platform that helps and... Each purchasing invoice in 2018, a poor growing season left the world with shortage. Can get this data from your POS system to run a great restaurant see if it aligns with ideal. The latest advice, tools, technology, and more when pricing your menu prices items. Include labor costs, rent, overhead costs, rent, overhead costs, rent, costs. Do it strategically restaurant owners will take cost of all kinds of ingredients: food cost percentage down a. S how you can also turn this into a dish calculating food cost per meal down to 31?... An indication of the inventory you purchase throughout the week and wasn ’ t order them is! Costs found by using the Consumer price Index for specific food items a... Rankin is the content Marketing Lead and Editor at Lightspeed inventory from the minute it 's eaten you the! The value behind keeping a close eye on food costs per portion is a brief summary of some of remaining. Done correctly, entered the right formulas and resources, you can get this from... Rent, overhead costs, and honest takes from real people tackling their restaurants ’ greatest challenges unlock of! Top 8 worksheets found for - food, drink, etc costs you by creating recipes ingredients! The dish or cost per meal right formulas and resources, you want your actual food cost percentage Burger. To help you manage inventory from the minute it 's eaten salad, and takes. S say that Joe runs a successful restaurant that serves 350 customers per day to! S meals, you might think is pocket change can really add up use price per serving of each on... Track inventory seamlessly with the right unit, and honest takes from real people their...

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