Family Wedding With Succulents

Our nephew and his beautiful bride were married last weekend,  and our succulents played a small role on their Big Day!

We shipped our potted 2.5″ succulents from Valley Center CA. to Omaha Nebraska, and they arrived a week and a half prior to the big day. They were used as favors for their gifts.  We sell them at $2.50 each, and  they ship great in their plastic round 2.5″ containers. They were then quickly transferred into glass votives, the process is quick and easy and really dresses them up well.  If you’re on a tight budget, you can glue some burlap, string, lace etc. around the plastic and you’ve just made them  extra special for your friends and family!

We also shipped a VARIETY OF ROSETTE CUTTINGS RANGING IN DIAMETER FROM 1-6″.   These were used in the corsages, bouts, and Bouquets.  The big purple flower succulents are called Eceheveria Perle Von Nurnbergs.  We call them beautiful!  In Bouquets, you can use them individually to add some “pop”, or in larger groupings with other flowers used as fillers. A great advantage of using succulents in your wedding, is that when it’s all done, you can take apart and replant!  No trash for succulents like your regular cut flowers!  $$$ and your family wedding with succulents keeps on living!!

Wedding Succulents are a great addition for any event!

We ship 1000’s of succulents out every week, 100’s of weddings and events each month, all over the US.  We can customize quantity, whether for a small or giant wedding,  potted and or cuttings, sizes, colors etc.!!!

Don’t hesitate to ask questions, email us at  or call us Monday through Saturday Pacific Time  7:30am-5pm.


The Irwin’s at the Succulent Source!



Wedding photos with succulents

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